Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another Mystery Machine update

I haven't spent much time on Mystery Machine recently, I've been working on a secret project which I'm either going to give up on, or maybe not. The secret project is going slower than I would like hence the indecision.

Anyway, I've taken a break from the secret project for all sorts of reasons - some personal - others not. At a recent event I realised I needed to use MysteryMachine but wanted to be sure I could interact with other who may not want to.

I came up with use a simple XML style export/import feature, but hit some issues due to some woolly think on the internal  (and external) APIs back in the early days.

The changes required are quite minor. But in checking what I had advertised as API I found the  documentation was not in as a good state as I would like . So I've fixed that.

I've finally three years after foreshadowing the move (!) taken down the trac site and main the bitbucket site the primary site for the wiki and the bug tracker. This was easier to do no that three year ago as Bitbucket now support Restructured text as wiki entries which is what All my original wiki pages were written in. I've also attempted to update the wiki to show the current status of the project better. In particular the developer information page has been updated, alongside which I've run pdoc to automatically generate some API documentation linked to from the developer page.

Now below when I make the announcement of the coming API those of you who are interested at least have the context to understand without to much digging.

The API Change

Which is an anti-climax given how much introduction it has . From future versions, objects EnumCategories and EnumAttributes methods *should* return system attributes.


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