Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trac or bitbucket.

Updated: 12:55 : I was attempting to blog from my andriod phone , but it posted it live rather than to drafts.
I've noticed that a recent server upgrade has broken the Trac install used by mysterymachine.
Trac was never very fast or responsive on my server and has no account creation support as standard (it is available as an extension). All accounts needed to be created by the site administrator.
This puts a roadblock in the way of causal users trying to report bugs. Not that I've hand any yet but I want to be able let all comers report bugs.
For sometime I've also had a mysterymachine archive on bitbucket, since bitbucket also provides a wiki and bug tracker as well as a large community. I'm strongly tempted to make that the new primarily for MysteryMachine. If I do so I will migrate the existing wiki content there. I will still host a copy of the MysteryMachine repo at , so it is just the the issue tracker and the wiki which are really moving. Does anyone have any opinions.

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