Wednesday, November 04, 2015

About the HP IP KVM 286598-001

There seems to be bollocks all information about this on the HP site. So here is a brain dump of what I've got so far.

So first off - the serial console pinout is


So a straight forward 1-1 connection cable seems to work . The online manuals suggest 9600 8N1 , many of the setting have to be set through the serial console.

Print-screen -key  Brings the OSD up.
The Individual ps/2 adaptor don't communicate unless they have power in there keyboard plug, I'd expect similar form the USB ones but I haven't got one to try.

According to a forum post, if there is a serial console password you have to return it to HP to be reset at a charge but this is service HP no longer offer.

Oh guess, what yes - the one I bought of ebay for £30 (which admittedly is a real steal) has a password set.

Anybody a common password generator I could script a cracker from?


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