Sunday, April 10, 2011

MysteryMachine Update...

2Version 0.14 is tagged in mercurial, I need to create the distribution archives and upload it.

This was going to happen this weekend, but I left my laptop which is my primary development machine for this project in thne office on Friday. I've been working on my partner's 'spare' laptop an EeePc 901. Which after some heroic work with aptitude will run the required software - it's not fastest , or most comfortable machine to use - if nothing else just due to it's small form factor.

I'll update the trac site with a copy of the zip and tgz soon, meaning the early part of next week if all goes well.

I still haven't decided on what to do about project hosting. Ho Hmm.

I have also discovered a serious bug involving inheritance and list attributes, there is a unit test for it but that has been passing becasue of a bug in dict_store (fixed in my working copy), this looks like its going to be an awkward one and might trigger the complete rewrite of the Attribute update path and store API which ahas been in the back of my mind for a while. If it does look forward to the something like ACID compliance at that level. I will probably add some sort of transaction support too.

This for the average user this means we can guarantee better predictability of behaviour when you ask the system to do things it can't do, it wont corrupt your data. And should improve, make simple undo paths easier to code.