Saturday, November 14, 2009

Re incarnation

I going to try re-incarnation on this blog.

I hope to post here more regularly about the various Open source work and other computer related geekery that I've been up to. Not that this is a particularly sensible time for me to start this as I am away at the end of next week to go here .

I'm not going to try to keep Roleplaying out of this blog infact I suspect a I may make a number of roleplaying posts here - if I manage to keep remember to post updates.

I'm also going to try to post stuff about project which may be closed source or administration closed source boxes which I come across in my day job of sysadmin-for-hire.

Looking at the date on the last post here, it been 3 years since I last posted here. There is no way I can update you on everything I've done since I last posted, because if nothing else I doubt I can remember everything.

However I may post in the coming few week some anecdotes from the period about such things as spectacular cluelessness on the part of Telco tech support (no change there then) and my experience with commercial embedded devices (running linux ) and the vendors thereof - which definitely deserves a post all of its own.

The will also be quite a lot python here in the last year or so - I have found myself using it quite a bit - more so since lots of the projects I have been working both at work and for myself seem have dependencies written in this language.

I'll leave you with a few teaser link for some of the discussion points which might be coming up. Come look at the lovely sources

This will also clue you into why gaming might be a bigger part of this blog than it has been in the past.